Web Search

Our promise is to deliver the highest revenue per search for our global network of distribution partners by collaborating with the largest brands in search and tailoring results to meet our customers' unique needs.

  • Maximize Revenue Opportunities. Drive revenue and maximize ROI through a customized user experience, including an extensive toolset of search options and paid advertising placements.
  • Private Label Search. You own the customer. We private-label our search solution with your brand and navigation to match your unique look and feel, so the value customers receive comes from you.
  • Hosted Solution. More revenue, less cost. Let InfoSpace host your search result pages and earn a revenue share on every paid click, with no development or hosting costs.
  • Comprehensive Search Toolkit. Utilize our vast array of helpful tools, including website match, predictive text, spell suggest, specialty vertical search, related searches, direct and programmed answers, and more.


Based on Infospace's 15+ years search advertising expertise, LinkFuel is a contextual advertising solution that uses content from the entire page to display highly contextually relevant, linked search ads from the Bing Network. LinkFuel allows you to:

  • Quickly Generate more revenue per pixel than other solutions. Machine learning and built-in A/B testing optimizes keywords and ad unit design.
  • Maintain your site’s great user experience. By displaying only highly relevant ads that complement the content on your page, LinkFuel protects your brand image and never displays clickbait content, all while driving site dollars.
  • Experience hands-on service. With a dedicated partner manager and daily access to reporting dashboards, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of inventory performance.

Interested in the technical implementation details? Click here to download our integration doc.