Attribution refers both to the ability to distinguish paid results from non-paid results, and the line of text that attributes a search response to the content partner that returned it. (i.e. ‘Sponsored by Google’ or ‘Found on Yahoo!’ etc.) Attribution may be region-level or result-level.

Base URL

The Base URL is used by the requesting site to initiate a search request. Parameters are appended to this Base URL to tailor the results and behaviors the site expects to receive and complete the Query URL. See Base URL implementation.

CoBrand (ID)

A unique text string, used to identify a partner site and settings. A site may have more than one CoBrand ID for reporting purposes.


The owner of the site requesting and displaying search results.

Partner Site

The Partner Site is the web site (or feature) owned or operated by the Partner that requests and consumes search results.

Query Parameters

These parameters are pairs used to add, remove or modify the information returned from a search query. In the Query URL the parameters are immediately preceded by an ampersand ‘&’.

Query URL

The Base URL combined with required and optional parameter pairs to define the scope and features to be returned in the Result Set.

Result Set

The Result Set is the XML data returned to a Partner Site in response to a Query URL. The Result Set is sometimes referred to as the Return Set, Return Values or Return Data.


SERP is an acronym for Search Engine Results Page. This is the page that displays the search results returned from the Search Query.