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Page last modified: 12 Feb 2018

Jan 6, 2014 Release Notes


  • Numerous changes to add more robust error handling
  • Updated CSR to handle query encoding/decoding correctly
  • Fix to Google CSA Longer Headlines
  • Position Information in Click URLs for Google CSA are no longer incorrect or missing
  • Updates for browser support (mostly for older browsers)
    • Including a fix for a JavaScript error in IE
  • Fixed issue so styles can now be overridden via CSR API
  • API update: onQueryChange removed, searchUrlFormat callback added –
    • Fixed an encoding error that occurred with the related links
    • AYLF Links display in purple (as if they have already been clicked)
  • Added a CSR Version number
  • AYLF results are now returned if a segment is configured only for AYLF and Google ads